IT and the supporting infrastructures not only age fast, but sometimes go bump in the night. Bluetech delivers pragmatic, responsive solutions with a smart eye on best practices for your professional practice or enterprise.


Built upon nearly a decade serving the Washington Metropolitan area,  Bluetech offers expertise and experience in designing, implementing and supporting IT infrastructure and environments specific to the needs of professional practices and medium-sized enterprises. Our client roster includes medical and dental practices/clinics, law firms, professional and trade associations, NGOs, and various businesses.

Bluetech @ DC Dental Society Mid-Atlantic meetings, Washington, DC, March 2016

Bluetech @ DC Dental Society Mid-Atlantic meetings, Washington, DC, March 2016


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Our core IT services

Systems + hardware installations

  • Windows and Mac environments

  • Server installations, migrations and management

  • Maintenance 

  • Cloud and HIPAA compliant solutions

Software and data management

  • Experts in leading practice-management software

  • Troubleshooting and optimization

  • Interface with software companies

  • Digital imaging and archiving

  • Leading experience in Cloud solutions

Designing and implementing smart environments—

  • Security cameras, lock systems and remote access apps

  • Hub control systems and iPhone apps

  • Sounds and video system installation

Network infrastructure

  • Routers/switches/modems

  • Multimedia/VOIP/phone

  • Cable (CAT6) + wireless

IT, Net and Cloud Security—

  • Firewalls/IDS/IPS/VPN

  • CCTV and other security installations

  • Email encryption

Clinical Practice Management—

  • Timely, responsive support for operational improvement/business continuity

  • Comprehensive support contracts that de facto outsource your IT needs

  • Experienced support in PM systems, administration,  accounting, reporting & compliance

  • Experts in HIPAA compliance

  • Experts in medical/dental practice-management applications, e.g., MediSoft, Dentrix, SoftDent, and others

IT and related infrastructure and configuration consulting

  • Experts in optimized, cost-effective, HIPAA-compliant solutions

  • Blue Tech specialist are strategic partners




Smart Environments


Bluetech offers a comprehensive installation of Cloud-based technologies designed to support a secure, smart-home environment   We install and coach homeonwers on software applications that manage sound systems, home-security, smart-temperature controls, garage doors, entry doorbells, remote doorlock controls, and interior/exterior cameras from smartphones or remote laptops or tablets. Homeowners can manage automated settings or respond to specific needs from wherever they are, gaining added assurance as to the comfort and security of their homes.



A state-of-the-art home-environment and thermostat management system




Smart-app music streaming delivered through your integrated home-sound system




A consolidated touchscreen system that integrates these home-security and environmental technologies.



Ring™ Video Bell —

Receive notification of arrivals at the home and interact through video interface. Ring links to WINK Hub to unlock doors and welcome visitors.



Schlage™ Connect
Camelot ­Touchscreen Deadbolt —

Remote touch-screen doorlock management (linked to Ring and WINK)



Honeywell™ Home Security

The technology that safeguards all others




Transit Security



Bluetech offers expert design and implementation of comprehensive visual security installations and supporting platforms and communications networks. These technologies are transforming quickly and a dedicated team of professionals are staying ahead of a curve they know well through years of experience serving USG and WMATA networks and installations. Specific competencies include:



  • CCTV and video streaming


    • Video surveillance system for arterial routes and highways

    • Cross-platform video streaming (public access)

    • Smart Visual Security


  • Communications systems


    • Communication architecture design and planning: consultations, design & build for various applications

    • ITS (Intelligent Transportation System) data networking

    • ITS CCTV systems

    • Metro parking management systems

    • Truck parking management systems

    • MetroBus priority signals

    • Roadway Air Quality (RAQ) systems

    • Wireless-path analysis and RF study

    • Upgrading all type of communications systems

    • VOIP and 511 communications systems





Tech Buzz



Windows Server 2003 Support End(-ed) July 14, 2015 –
No Longer HIPAA Compliant 


If this post feels like groundhog day, then you are probably remembering our previous post about Windows XP being retired and therefore no longer HIPAA compliant and our follow up article about a case where “unpatched and unsupported software” was penalized by OCR as a HIPAA violation.

With those posts as background, the same thing applies to Microsoft ending support for Windows Server 2003 on July 14, 2015. Many of you are probably wondering why I’m talking about a 2003 software that’s being sunset. Could people really still be using this software in healthcare? The simple answer is that yes they are still using Windows Server 2003.

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The secret behind why Windows 10 is so good

From CNN Money

 Microsoft listened to you. More than anything else, that’s why Windows 10 won’t be another Windows 8 or Vista.

In conversations with CNNMoney, top decision makers at Dell, Hewlett-Packard (HPQTech30) and Toshiba noted that Microsoft requested their input throughout the process of creating Windows 10. They said Microsoft listened to their feedback —

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As the wireless and M2M industries continue to expand, the need for outsourced product development services has become more pronounced than ever.  Blue Tech Innovation, LLC (Bluetech) offers this very feasible option to those businesses that require a faster, more affordable product development cycle.  Bluetech is determined to make this process virtually pain free by using our simple and transparent implementation strategies.


Our wireless division provides product development and program management services for smart, wireless, and M2M devices and components.  This division of Bluetech is mainly focused on mobile technology platforms (2G, 3G & 4G), GPS, BT/BLE, NFC and Wi-Fi.  We have the necessary experience and expertise to provide the best program implementation results through augmentation of our clients’ internal staff.


Bluetech provides a full spectrum of product development services designed to take your product from development to completion.  Our services include industrial design, system architecture, hardware, software, RF, Firmware, antenna, etc.  By partnering with our clients and partners, we provide a unique mutual success model based upon close collaboration.


Our main objective is to provide our clients with the most effective development cycle, program management and product development services, while respecting the autonomy of our clients’ brand and standards. We offer seamless and fully integrated product development competencies and processes needed to develop highly complex wireless devices and M2M solutions with complete engineering services from concept to product realization:




End-to-end program management





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F: +1 703 539 1086

twitter: @blueyar_va

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Bluetech adverts, 2015-16