Endless possibilities

Is virtualization right for you?  Blue Tech Innovation has a great deal of experience with the benefits and implementation of virtualization.  Our approach with virtualization is tailor made for each client based upon their individual needs.  We are a company that is willing to invest the time to get to know your entire network, so we can most effectively guide your virtualization decisions.  Virtualization is a great model for training new employees, saving money on hardware and being able to customize various servers to enhance your network. 

The Cloud is now giving businesses the benefit of being able to access and store their data and applications over the internet. This option gives your business the physical flexibility and freedom to be more effective.   Blue Tech Innovation has years of experience in cloud management, storage, security, planning and migration.  In addition, our Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery service will give your business a secure offsite place to store your most important data. Let our expert consultants help you find the unique, most effective solution for your cloud today.  

The virtualization team at Blue Tech Innovation has a very extensive knowledge of the many iterations of VMWARE.  Our team is more than comfortable with RAM customization, legacy choices, network choices and upgrades.  When it comes to VMWARE, it is the experience of the engineers, and the choices they make, which makes all the difference regarding the efficiency of your VMWARE.

Microsoft Hyper V is one of the best kept secrets in the IT community.  Most businesses are not aware that this  free exciting option  exists in the most modern operating systems including Windows Servers 2008 and 2012, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Blue Tech Innovation provides the following for our clients regarding virtualization, cloud management, VMWARE and Microsoft Hyper V:


  • Proven strategies and overall vision
  • Expertise in many platforms, technologies, versions and operating systems
  • Effective customer service
  • Creative and unique customization models


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