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Smart Visual Security


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Bluetech offers expert design and implementation of comprehensive visual security installations and supporting platforms and communications networks. These technologies are transforming quickly and a dedicated team of professionals are staying ahead of a curve they know well through years of experience serving USG and WMATA networks and installations. Specific competencies include:

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We are specialists in the following visual-security systems and technologies  —

  • Cisco
  • Digital video streaming
  • Camera to Cloud
  • Multicast VD

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Specific competencies include:

  • Intelligent Transportation Systems

    • Data networking
    • CCTV systems
    • Bus-priority signals

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  • Parking, property and infrastructure surveillance

    • Parking management systems
    • Truck parking/logistics managment
  • Roadside/rail corridor air-quality monitors and systems

    • Wireless-path analysis
    • RF studies
  • Camera recording technologies, storage and maintenance

  • Interactive VOIP + 511 communications systems, remote controls and reporting systems

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